COPDBALLOON was first used for Resection of Tumor Tissues developing in Trachea and Bronchus.

Prof.Dr.Yalçın KARKOCA has found that Tumor Tissue responds quickly to Destruction.

Prof.Dr.Yalçın KARKOCA have discovered that tumor connective tissue is weakened by Balloon

Destruction and that tumor tissue can be easily resected with Resector Balloon compared to other methods.

In 2008, at the 15th World Bronchology Congress held in Japan, the Reserator Balloon were awarded the prize the Young Researcher.

Prof.Dr.Yalçın KARAKOCA by discovering the effects Resector Balloon on tumor tissues after focused his work on COPD.

Estimate was perfect.

The COPDBALLOON gave an excellent results.

COPDBALLOON provided the desobstruction of hypertrophic Goblet cells.

Thus, Goblet cell hyperplasia was reduced to the normal level, and the degree of gas exchange was maximized when the bronchial lumen clearance was maximized.

It has been proven by seven years of practice ; COPDBALLOON provides a curative treatment for Chronic Bronchitis of COPD.